BrandingPartners Asia develops strategic action plans to integrate the Asian markets into your global marketing campaigns.

Market Research, Strategic Planning for Asian Markets, Campaign Execution

We assist you in understanding the specificities of each local market and in selecting the best suited communication tools to reach your target market.

We employ an educational approach, based on dialogue and transparency with our clients. We support your marketing efforts in Asia by participating in your ideation process and by providing you with our first-hand local expertise. Moreover, our network of experts and partners allows us to optimize the implementation of your campaigns in Asia and ensure their long-term success.


To provide you with a clear understanding of the consumers’ behavior in Asia and of the structure of each local market.

  • Consumer Behavior Patterns
  • Media Usage Patterns
  • Purchase Decision Process
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Focus Groups

Strategic Planning
for Asian Markets

To define the marketing actions to reach your target market in Asia, and to integrate them into your global campaign.

  • Advertising Strategy
  • Campaign Objectives Definition
  • Positioning and Target Market
  • Media Plan
  • Key Performance Indicators Definition
  • Campaign Budget Estimate
  • Campaign Schedule
  • Implementation Process


To launch the local campaigns in Asia, engage your target audience, and achieve measurable results.

  • Web, PR, Print and Mobile Communications Channels
  • Tracking Studies
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Recommendations for future operations

BrandingPartners Asia

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